R.T. Fisher and Associates™

An Educational & Public Outreach Consulting Firm

Wide Areas of Expertise, Services, and Innovation

Our areas of expertise include educational preparedness, curriculum design, training and public outreach. In addition to education conference and workshop development and implementation, the firm offers the following other key services: creation and assessment of standardized test preparation methods, development of evaluative measures that gauge student success and design of innovative methods for reaching diverse student populations. 

Facilitators of Success in Education

R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises, Inc.™ offers a comprehensive array of state and national services geared toward the creation, development and implementation of educational programs strategically designed to enhance learning and success.

Centrally Located

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, our staff is made up of experts in the fields of education and outreach, with more than a century of combined experience.

Words From Our Clients

  • My advice is if you have work that requires any of the following elements: • creative “out of the box” design; • extremely challenging timelines; • multiple and complex partnerships; • productive and professional collaboration; • complex and flexible service delivery; • staff supervision; • program implementation, monitoring and evaluation; and • successful results. then I can without reservation recommend R.T. Fisher and I might add that you can expect the experience to be enjoyable and low stress. Robyn and staff always deliver regardless of the constraints.
    Sharon Twitty, i3 Project Director
  • R.T. Fisher has been responsible for developing a new and innovative college and career readiness curriculum for a large and nationally recognized i3 grant. R.T. Fisher did an exemplary job on a national stage and in fact was one of the reasons our project gained notoriety.  The positive impact that college and career readiness component had on ALL students, but in particular underrepresented students’ perceptions about college, careers, STEM and the importance of math performance starting in middle school was astounding.  Our i3 students have become ambassadors for the importance of the mastery of Algebra, STEM careers and believing college is a part of their future.  Our students advocate that their siblings, peers, cousins and friends need to be in SLOPE to benefit as they have- quite an endorsement when it is from 8th graders!
    Sharon Twitty, i3 Project Director
  • I've had the pleasure of working with the team at R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ on a variety of projects over the last 5 years. I am always amazed as they continually go above and beyond what was requested by the client and I've watched how both students and educators alike are touched and inspired by the services they provide. Robyn Fisher is an amazing leader in her field of education management. Her passion for helping under served student populations is never-ending and inspiring. Her attention to detail and customer service always goes above and beyond to ensure that in the end, the kids get what they need to become life long learners and realize their full potential. I highly recommend the RTF™ team for any organization or school district who is looking to enhance and transform their programs for greater learning and leadership. The team at R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ is really the cream of the crop!
    Michele Molitor, Chief Executive Officer, Nectar Consulting
  • Since 1999, California has implemented the GEAR UP Program (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) -- designed to "give more low-income students the skills, encouragement, and preparation needed to pursue postsecondary education". GEAR UP stipulates that schools, higher educational institutions, community organizations, and the private sector must collaborate to ensure that students prepare for college. To help schools reach this goal, GEAR UP provides training, resources and information through various educational organizations and services. R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ has been a primary service provider for our program: most notably in the research, conceptual design, development, implementation and maintenance of the Resources and Materials Clearinghouse. Designed for educators, students and families, the Clearinghouse has helped to develop a school-wide focus on tracking student progress and the importance of family and community engagement. Additionally, the R.T. Fisher™ team has developed public relations materials and workshops for strategic GEAR UP projects, and conducted training for educators, program staff and other service providers throughout California. The team brings expertise in facilitation and product demonstration, and has presented at National and Statewide GEAR UP conferences and events. R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ is renowned for excellent quality and we value the consistent and professional service that is a hallmark of the organization.
    Shelley Davis, Director, California State GEAR UP
  • This is a long over due note of thanks for the noteworthy service and support your firm has provided to the Level Playing Field Institute's Summer Math & Science Honors (SMASH) Academy during these past two years. SMASH has benefited greatly from your firm's professionalism, content expertise, high standards, and extensive documentation. In working with you, I was impressed by your depth of knowledge and ability to help our instructors develop integrated curricula that was experiential, research driven, culturally relevant and rigorous. During the period our instructors worked with you, they were able to shift paradigm, increase their levels of accountability to themselves and others, and enhance their educational toolkits. Equally impressive was your work with our scholars in the Standardized Test Prep courses. You encouraged our scholars to be engaged participants of their learning process and empowered them to master best practices that helped them be successful students and better tests takers. Your holistic approach to education practice and reform is a breath of fresh air when compared to cookie cutter approaches to educating students regardless of backgrounds, circumstances and/or levels of access. R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ is one of the premier educational firms that have yet to receive the national acclaim you deserve. I continue to recommend you highly to others and look forward to future and more extensive collaboration.
    Irene St. Roseman, Former Director, Summer Math & Science Honors (SMASH) Academy
  • The Stanford Medical Youth Science Program, an organization within the Stanford School of Medicine, is dedicated to preparing low-income and underrepresented minority students for college and careers in health and medicine. For the past four years, SMYSP has partnered with R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ to provide our students, staff and parents with comprehensive information about the college admissions process including financial aid as well as standardized tests. We have been especially impressed with their professionalism, awareness and sensitivity towards the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students, and their ability to form meaningful relationships with all those involved. R.T. Fisher™ remains one of our strongest partners and we look forward to working with them for years to come.
    Judith Ned, Ed.D and Nell Curran, Executive Director and SMYSP Program Coordinator, Stanford Youth Medical Science Program
  • The College Board Western Regional Office utilized R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ to assist in the planning, marketing, and on-site support for the First Annual Dream Deferred Conference: The Future of African American Education in California. With their assistance and expertise, we were successful in executing a regional conference in less than six weeks that attracted over 250 educators from throughout the western United States. The R.T. Fisher™ team effectively managed the essential details as conference planner. I appreciated their ability to assist in crafting the major conference theme and focus. They provided exceptional on-site coordination and extremely detailed evaluation instruments for the conference. The College Board has continued to work with R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ for our last four Dream Deferred Conferences. I would highly recommend the organization to anyone who is seeking superior, professional educational support and conference management.
    Sandra Williams Hamp, Chief Educational Manager, The College Board Western Regional Office
  • I am pleased to attest to the exemplary service that R. T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ has delivered to the California Education Round Table and they have been integral to two Round Table initiatives. Alliance for Regional Collaboration to Heighten Educational Success (ARCHES) for which R. T. Fisher™ has been a grantee whose goal is to improve the performance of African-American students on standardized mathematics examinations through providing culturally relevant professional development for teachers in that discipline, and California Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) for which R. T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ has been the contractor for the Resources and Materials Clearinghouse -- an innovative, multi-media presentation on developing a college-going culture for middle school administrators, counselors, and teachers. With both these initiatives, R. T. Fisher™ has developed quality products on a timely schedule and with a high degree of professionalism. The Round Table recommends R. T. Fisher Educational Enterprises™ to any school, school district, higher educational institution, community-based organization, or other entity that is intent on developing quality products, convening substantive and well-organized meetings or conferences, and engaging in standards-based professional development for educators.
    Penny Edgert, Coordinator, Intersegmental Coordinating Committee, California Education Round Table
  • R.T. Fisher™ has provided outstanding educational services to the San Lorenzo Unified School District. The leader of this organization, Robyn Fisher is a "bright," dynamic, high energy and dedicated educational leader who always has the interests of students at the core of what she does. Robyn and her team are easy to work with as they are flexible and accommodating to our District needs. Students have benefited from R.T. Fisher™'s exemplary instructional and cultural intervention program and we envision an on-going partnership with them. I highly recommend R.T. Fisher™ to any school district or organization.
    Larry Maniscalco, Associate Superintendent, San Lorenzo Unified School District.