Exponential Potential

Our clients are talented and committed individuals and organizations who share a passion for improving the lives of young people. The common thread of our consulting work involves using our experience and expertise to raise the potential of our client so that they are empowered to increase the potential of their clients – thus creating exponential results.

We help leverage our clients' abilities in four distinct–yet often interconnected–areas and each of these areas is strengthened by our commitment to focused Outreach.

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Program Improvement (K-12)

RT Fisher & Associates™ sees every great challenge as a big opportunity, and we have made it our mission to assist schools in creating remediation and enhancement programs that reach the hardest to reach students and their families. Our staff has a wealth of experience working with underperforming students and with designing programs that provide the support and motivation that those students need and deserve.
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Educational Conference Planning

Sometimes the most effective way to launch a new program is to bring together the major stakeholders to create a community with a common purpose. These events not only help build commitment but can also serve as opportunities to begin training trainers catalyzing outreach efforts in support of the organization’s objectives. Even well-established programs benefit from regular conferences to reinvigorate community and purpose.
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Outreach is Key!
Each day, hard-working, well-meaning volunteers and staff invest countless hours of tireless effort trying to make a difference in the lives of young people. Each year billions of dollars are allocated by funding sources to support those efforts. And yet far too often the effort and the money is only marginally effective due to poor outreach efforts.
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Training Trainers

Helping a young person realize his or her potential is almost always a very personal effort. Whether working in a classroom setting or a one-on-one capacity, most learning requires a teacher to touch each student. At R. T. Fisher & Associates™ we are firm in our belief that anyone, given a proper course of action and some training, can become a change agent, an educator.
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Program Development

Effective programs must meet the needs of the target audience while maintaining alignment with the funding requirements that support the program. The very best programs become self-sustaining once they have become properly established.
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