For Students

The Quad® is a special place on their home campus, a place that might have another name or another purpose when The Quad® is not in session. It is a place where they develop a sense of purpose, ignite a passion for learning, develop specific study skills, and learn to become independent, self-directed lifelong learners. It is a place where they prepare to attend the college of their choice.

For administrators and teachers

The Quad® is a menu of services that are specifically customized for their students, their resources, and their school campus. The Quad® offers a comprehensive array of services designed to provide structure, direction, and support to students and their families as they navigate the often-confusing waters of the college-bound journey.

It's Not Too Early to Start

By beginning to focus on college as early as sixth grade, students develop a roadmap for the future and significantly increase their chances of getting into the college of their choice and securing the financial aid that will help make that dream affordable.

Middle school implementations of The Quad® might include supply our popular ASK!® (Academic Success Kit), diagnostic assessments, academic and life skills workshops, local college tours, academic boot camp, group study sessions, and personal academic training.

If we are working with high school freshmen and sophomores, The Quad® might have any of the above elements and we might start adding college admissions and financial aid workshops, PSAT preparation strategies, and college coaching.

"Responsibility + Motivation + Organization = Academic Success."
– Robyn T. Fisher

It's Never Too Late to Begin
The later a student waits to begin the college preparation process, the more important it is that he or she gets help. Admissions and financial aid strategies become critical and a knowledgeable guide with a structured approach can mean the difference between struggles and success.

High school juniors and seniors can still benefit from the ASK!® Kit, diagnostic assessments, college admissions and financial aid workshops, college coaching, academic boot camp, group study sessions, and/or personal academic tutoring. The Quad®, at this age level, might also include a week-long college tour experience, SAT and ACT preparation strategies, and/or essay writing workshops.

Many components of The Quad® are also applicable to the community college setting where we might also make available transfer admissions workshops and/or our "Transfer Pipeline" college tour program.

Harness the Power of The Quad®
We know that The Quad® works. It has been implemented at dozens of middle school, high school, and community college campuses and it has helped thousands of students realize their dream of getting to college.

Because The Quad® is such a customized program, the first step is to call to schedule a free phone consultation (510-614-3000) so that we can learn more about your students and their needs, and so that you can feel comfortable that The Quad® could work on your campus.

If there seems to be a good fit (and there will be) the next step might be for you to visit Quad® Central in Oakland. There you can see a model Quad® classroom, review Quad® materials, and consult with a Quad® coordinator.

Ultimately we will develop a detailed proposal outlining a custom implementation of The Quad® at your campus, clearly stating the deliverables, our responsibilities, your responsibilities and your total program cost. Only when you are satisfied with the proposal do we go to work.

The only risk is some of your admittedly very valuable time. But the reward can be tremendous. The skills taught at The Quad® can positively impact test scores, improve attendance, decrease discipline referrals, enhance student engagement and school pride, and increase parental involvement. Most importantly you will be providing an opportunity for your students to realize the dream of a brighter future. Call today!

R.T. Fisher™ has provided outstanding educational services to the San Lorenzo Unified School District. The leader of this organization, Robyn Fisher is a "bright," dynamic, high energy and dedicated educational leader who always has the interests of students at the core of what she does. Robyn and her team are easy to work with as they are flexible and accommodating to our District needs. Students have benefited from R.T. Fisher™'s exemplary instructional and cultural intervention program and we envision an on-going partnership with them. I highly recommend R.T. Fisher™ to any school district or organization.
Larry Maniscalco, Associate Superintendent, San Lorenzo Unified School District.